The “Why Foundation” receives short movies from contestants among its competition “Why Women?” till 8th of March

The “Why Foundation” is producing their third public media campaign that came under the name “WHY WOMEN?” aiming to bring awareness of the challenges faced by women and girls globally.

The 10 “Why Women?” Short films will be screened, among many other places, at the World’s leading women’s conference, Women Deliver, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2016.

The Foundation announced among its Competition’s rules, that Candidates should produce high-quality short films about these very important issues regarding girls’ and women’s conditions worldwide.

What is special about this competition is that there is only one winner per film category. The prize is 6700 euros, and the winner will have the chance to put women’s conditions on the international agenda.

For anyone who wants to participate, the one must create 2.30 minutes art film based on one of the 5 scripts that the Foundation suggested on its website (

Adding to that, to create a video- animation or live footage that will interpret, illustrate and elaborate one of the 5 voice-overs, which cover one of these 5 topics, Maternal and Newborn Health, Family Planning, Health Services, Early, Forced Marriage, and Education.

The “Why women?” assured that the contestants are not eligible to make their own script or make any changes to the scripts provided.