Women in Ramadan 2017: fragile and dependent Characters are dominating the TV Scene

“Disturbing” is the word described by the actress, Jessica Chastain, about the state of women portrayed in the films of the Cannes film festival 2017, as the Guardian article revealed, because such films do not represent the values witnessed in the daily life of strong, إقرأ المزيد

It’s Time to end this misogynistic nightmare.. Donald Trump is BOUND to lose Women voters

A poll lauded for its accuracy shows Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump virtually tied with just few days to go before the presidential election. The poll shows Clinton at 42 percent compared to Trump’s 41 percent; a person has to reconsider to what إقرأ المزيد

TV Ads in Ramadan … promoting sexism and women bodies is a primary marketing tool

Generally, media plays a major role in shaping the collective consciousness of a certain society through its various tools, amongst them, is the advertisement tool and women’s bodies have always been the object of the media, by which marketers and the fashion industry “toy” with, إقرأ المزيد