Singer «Fayrouz Karawya»: The «Merayat» Project won’t repeat the traditional critical speeches against freedom of creativity

Interview by: Raneem AlAfifi Translated by: Laila Stino  Drama is not obliged to reflect real life from only one perspective. How could we ask the drama creators not to show sexual harassment scenes while this happens in reality?! We must benefit from deep artists’ experience إقرأ المزيد

Upward Sloping: Reasons behind the Deep Correlation between Self-Objectification and Media

“Self” or “sexual” objectification has a strong resonance in the feminist thought, because it’s regrettably more common among women to be used as sexual objects for men’s own pleasure. Women objectifying includes denying the women’s subjectivity and dealing with her as an object of ownership, إقرأ المزيد