Women Survivors’ worst nightmare: Forced Marriage To Rapists

Perhaps a good title for this article’s theme will be “sleeping with the enemy”, named after a film of the same name starring Julia Roberts in 1991. The film’s plot is a strong reminiscent of the “victim’s marriage to her rapist” concept, for having ” إقرأ المزيد

On occasion of the International Day Of the Girl.. We don’t celebrate.. We remind of Violence against us

Two days ago the world observed the fifth international day of the girl child; a day that reminds every nation to renew its commitment towards upholding the rights of the girl child against any form of discrimination. Since a very long time ago, the Egyptian إقرأ المزيد

The “Why Foundation?” opens submission of Short movies for its Competition “Why women?” till IWD

The “Why Foundation” receives short movies from contestants among its competition “Why Women?” till 8th of March The “Why Foundation” is producing their third public media campaign that came under the name “WHY WOMEN?” aiming to bring awareness of the challenges faced by women and إقرأ المزيد