Egyptian women between Educational Rights and Society Abuse

Why Women Empowerment is delayed? How can ever a society fortify its own progress and attain democracy if almost half of its population are not empowered to practice their rights, nor are they appropriately voiced in neither the aggregate social, political nor the economic reformation إقرأ المزيد

A tribute to 5 Remarkable women shaped the history of liberalization movement in Egypt

History is shaped by great leaders who are living for greater causes than their own selves, showing an unwavering will and an amazing determination to make society a better place for both sexes to survive and thrive. This article proves that the Egyptian feminist waves إقرأ المزيد

A look at how women have changed over 97 years since the 1919 revolution

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8, while Egypt celebrates Egyptian Women’s Day on March 16 that marks the 1st women’s demonstration calling for the nation’s independence from the British colonialism, during the wave of the uprising revolution at 1919. In إقرأ المزيد