Legal Hell: The Egyptian Law is not necessarily on Women’s Side

The idea of institutionalizing the safeguarding of human rights by devising mandates in the form of a constitution stipulating the entitlements of each citizen, resonates with the concept of Thomas Hobbes. The great thinker Hobbes was a strong believer that humans have an inherent tendency إقرأ المزيد

Upward Sloping: Reasons behind the Deep Correlation between Self-Objectification and Media

“Self” or “sexual” objectification has a strong resonance in the feminist thought, because it’s regrettably more common among women to be used as sexual objects for men’s own pleasure. Women objectifying includes denying the women’s subjectivity and dealing with her as an object of ownership, إقرأ المزيد

A New Year has started: Persistent Wounds are still undermining Women’s Empowerment

The horizon of 2017 (The Year of Women in Egypt) had been defeated, and we still have deep wounds, which persist for another year, looming over to increase the misery of the Egyptian woman, while KSA has loosened the strict grip on women, allowing Saudi إقرأ المزيد

Women in Ramadan 2017: fragile and dependent Characters are dominating the TV Scene

“Disturbing” is the word described by the actress, Jessica Chastain, about the state of women portrayed in the films of the Cannes film festival 2017, as the Guardian article revealed, because such films do not represent the values witnessed in the daily life of strong, إقرأ المزيد